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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 6th August 2018: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - T A N K - Changing Times

Amiga 1200 - T A N K - Changing Times

Part III of my TANK retrospective where I look at the time I spent
both historically and currently with my Amiga 1200 known as TANK.

As the time moved forward into 1996 I found myself ever more being
called upon to understand and work with Windows. The office I was
working in used Windows for Workgroups and AutoCAD was a computer
based drawing package that pretty much made the drawing board
redundant. The big news on the street was the double speed CD-ROM
and the P90 from Intel with a promise to double the speed each
year. Fewer and fewer of those around me were using anything other
than PCs.

I recall visiting a very good friend who was very keen to show off
his new acquisition and rolled in on a trolley his new PC much like
a birthday cake at a party. I was starting for the first time to
feel a little bit lonely. The issue for me was the CD and the internet.
Plus I had very little graphics capability on the 1200. There
appeared to be way more reason to ditch the Amiga than keep it.

However against all these pressures I chose to expand my current
1200 and to buy a second Amiga 1200. My love affair with the platform
was not yet over and I guess I just wasn't prepared to abandon
that which I had grown to love and adore.

And so to those early years of 1996 and a magazine and bag of disks
that seriously became symbolic of my stand against the PC. The
Amiga Computing magazine featured, never left my side at that time
as I carried it with me to work and back. I so wanted a ZIP drive
and I was determined to eventually get one, which I did.

So read on as I demonstrate the world that was early 1996. A time
when new games and software were becoming a rarity and sadly most
of the popular publications were getting thinner and thinner.

T A N K - Changing Times

The actual disks from Amiga Computing Feb 1996.

A clutch of popular disks that I would have
used on TANK in the date starting with
MainActor and Final Data.

Iconian and ImageEngineer.

Mega tools from Amiga Computing .. So useful.

Hillsea Lido from Vulcan.. Classic.

More utilities and DOOM.

Capital Punishment and even more utilities.

And the so essential MUI.

Examples of the kinds of prices of the day.

Prices of those Apollo cards.

That crafty rodent... So enticing.

As was the chance to get a CD ROM.

Image Vision that was on the cover disk.

Along with Hillsea Lido from Vulcan.

The top twenty games of the period.

Articles from the magazine.

The use of the Amiga with Goldeneye.

Classic Lightwave.

AMOS was still very popular and the AGA extension.

2000 for an A4000T wasn't actually a
bad price in the day.. I couldn't afford one.

180 for a Blizzard Turbo was a snip in truth.

Still some big titles to be had .
Worms was an essential buy for the Amiga.

As was Flight of the Amazon Queen.

And good old Sensi still ruled.

Hillsea Lido was the big talking point
and Vulcan released their new Mini Series.

Played this on TANK to death.

David Pleasance featured on Everybody's Girlfriend.

Helping hands on call as ever and this
feature on Amiga menus.

Placing a 'load file' into memory.

A feature on iBrowse.

More on that album and the wonderful Mr Pleasance.

CDs in abundance. Endless Aminet.

And the usual plethora of PD titles.

The boxes from the mini series.

Hillsea Lido.


Plus Worms [ not from that series ] .

Anyhoo.. with an eye on my upcoming
Iconian feature I was drawn to this
article in Amiga User international.

Mostly cus of the very lovely Kirsten Imrie.

Who I shall capture and use on a
very large and colourful Amiga icon.

Being already a Page3 icon I was able
to pull out one of her calendars and
capture her image for the article. Not
quite the one used in AUI but from the
same photoshoot I sense.

More tomorrow ....

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