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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 7th August 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - Filling the T A N K

Amiga 1200 - Filling the T A N K

Part IV of my series on the Amiga 1200 known as TANK, today I was
sifting through my magazine, games and software archive trying to
again piece together what I was likely to have been doing on this
second of my Amiga 1200s. I know that in the day I was keen to use
the computer differently to my main machine to give me more options.

So here we go... ' Filling the TANK '

T A N K - Part IV

TANK now labelled accordingly with the
new hard drive and 4MB RAM card.

My eight drives at the ready
to fill with all my goodies.

The FPU does give a slight speed edge.

So.... Let's go.

Amazing number of volumes to play with.

Back in 1996 I was dead keen to learn
how to create AmigaGuide documents and
Heddley was something I would have been using.

I also collected a lot of disks with
guides on how to write AmigaGuide documents.

The big game of the period was Hillsea Lido.

Made by the same folk that gave us
Valhalla and a hoot and a half.

Kinda like Theme Park but on a sea front.

With all the oddities and stylised artwork
of the author. Later there was even a
Vulcan online portal where you could chat
with fellow enthusiasts for the games.

Hillsea Lido is so easy to install to hard drive.

My goodness I have like eight 1GB drives. For
many years I had but 350MB on my 1200.

I do enjoy leaving little notes
around all over the place. They act
to jog the brain and allow me to
recall so much.

And now it's time for Football Glory
to find its way onto the hard drive.

Football Glory is Sensi Soccer with attitude.

You need the book for the passwords to get in.

The game has a very light hearted style.

It features action replays on screen.

And your footballers doing a variety
of celebrations at the corner flag.

There are pop up comments to players.

And even a referee plus medics with stretchers.

Next up is ComicSetter and the sister
project MovieSetter. Both of which I
used and played with to death on TANK.

Hard drive install but you need the book.

I found my leaflet for my XL drive which
I bought to read HD disks on the A1200.

Power Computing were very popular in the day.

Although I would have used PPaint 4
I just had to update to 7.1 for all
the various datatypes.

By this time I had gotten use to AUI
and the small writing on their disks.
They were less inviting than say Format
but carried way more useful stuff.

They also did great releases of Libraries, Tools
and Utilities which were invaluable.

And all installable to hard drive saving
on the old double dds.

And they even had classic games. Both AUI
and Amiga Computing became my favourite
magazines to source programs. Remember there
was no internet for me and these disks were
my lifeblood. And still are.

I recall this magazine so well. When I bought
it I was sitting in my car waiting for a person
to arrive to give a lift. I must have read the
magazine from cover to cover.

It gave me two classic pieces of software.
StereoMaster and Icon Editor.

These disks were just filled to the brim
with useful programs to play with.

And those DataTypes really came in useful.

The very wonderful Icon Editor.

And StereoMaster. And all for the cost
of the magazine. Cheap as chips.

Many of the disks had useful tools and
files such as the fonts. All could be
easily copied using DOpus.

And the icons copied using IconCopy.

I couldn't get enough of those datatypes.

Part V tomorrow and its icon frenzy

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