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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 11th August 2018: Post 01: Amiga 4000D - Inside the box

Amiga 4000d - Inside the box

My first A4000d served me well for quite a good time. I purchased
the computer from Germany and whilst she had no onboard RAM to talk
of due to a fault with the SIMM slots I did have a RAM board fitted
plus a GVP card with a second hard drive so all was fine.

In the day I tended to surf with the computer and even had a ZIP
drive fitted to the machine. The graphics card was a Picasso and I
also had a Multiface. She really was my pride and joy.

And then suddenly she stopped working. Totally dead. I have spent
many an hour trying to diagnose the problem but have concluded that
the last SIMM finally bit the dust. Such a shame. Since that day
she has stood dormant. I removed the cards and fit them to other
4000s but have never repaired the computer. I did buy a replacement
motherboard but could never decide whether to fit it to this 4000
or my other that has the broken mouse port.

Anyway today I decided to salvage the internal 3.5" hard drive and
see if there was anything interesting on the drive. I do believe
it was a back-up drive as the main drive I have tagged and stored.

Time to go deep and have a good nose around the 4000d. Busted.

Amiga 4000D - Inside Out

Amiga 4000/040.

Very clean machine with twin floppies
and the CD ROM drive.

All the internal cards have been removed.

The SIMMS are shot sadly.

No battery damage. The machine
had been fitted with a brand new
barrel battery that I removed.

Buster 11.

Dusty interior.

Very dusty.

Powers up. Nothing on the screen.

OK first I remove the front fascia.

I remove the CD and unscrew the main
bracket holding the floppy drives.

I record the power and ribbon arrangement.

And then pull the connectors. The
whole unit then slides out.

Pull the power. It only goes one way.

Make a note of the ribbon arrangement
and then pull them from the motherboard.

Carefully lift the CPU board .

Leave the support legs in place.

I had already pulled the PSU.

Unscrew the top bracket holding the
main riser daughter board.

And pull the daughter board.

I assemble the removed components
to the rear of the computer.

At this point I could remove the main board
by unscrewing the rear ports but don't.

I found the lost support leg that had been
rattling around inside.

I've been here before quite a few times
and had no luck so I simply put her back
together again and back into store. I will
dig out another PSU one of these days and
maybe fit that and see if it helps. I doubt it.

Sad but hey... Nothing lasts for ever.

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