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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 14th August 2018: Post 02: Better Days

Better Days - KCS PowerPC
Yesterday I couldn't get this card working properly. The whole of
the DOS screen was lacking in colour and some of the text graphics
plus the controls were inverted. So what was going on ?

KCS PowerPC Board

I decided to pull my big box of KCS tricks.

I do have the DOS version that came with the KCS.

Plus many KCS version disks that were
created as the card was being developed.
The owner of the card had a continued
dialogue with the makers and was receiving
updated versions of the software.

I also decided to bring in the might of the 590.

Version 3.0 appeared the latest.

Beta 2.0 dated 23 Jan 1991.

The Amiga boot disk.

And the KCS disk version 2.75
which I study against the notes I have.

All the time I am trying to establish
which is the working software.

Nothing for it but to try my best guess.

Looking good.

Boot failure just means it needs DOS.

And we are in.. The Eagle has landed

Whoo Hoooo !!!!

And we are in colour mode.

And all the text highlights are working.

And the arrow keys are pointing
all in the right direction.

What a relief.

These are the two disks that work.
The Amiga boot disk and the DOS disk.

And so I copied them.

And now I can put all these away.

First though I test the disks.

And they worked just fine.

Note the KCS label on the MS-DOS manuals.

Official KCS disks that 'DON'T WORK'
Now replaced by the saved copies. If you
study the correspondence between the user
and the manufacturer there were obvious
issues with the software. I sense the guy
was testing the card for them. The copy
I have now works just fine.

No idea why I have so many sealed
KCS PowerPC cards. I have five I think.

Anyway we are good !!

That was 2 out 3 from yesterday fixed

Good news is I also found a suitable
Turrican II demo for my dual format disk.

I have the original game.

So I managed in a day to kinda put
everything right from the day before.

And that my friends is what retro is all about.

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