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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 16th August 2018: Post 02: Transformer - IBM on an Amiga

Transformer - IBM on an Amiga

There were differing views at Amiga as to the merits of emulating
an IBM PC. Jay Miner was dead keen. Whereas Dave Haynie took the
view that we already had a superior system so why bother.

I tend to take the view that the Amiga was an always will be king.
I have never understood what the fascination was with Dooo-DOS-diddy.
It always was a pain and a struggle. I was tasked this week of
testing a piece of software called Time Lord which was created
in Clarion in 1992 for DOS. I could not run the thing in Win95 so
I fired up the IBM PS/1 and struggled like mad to get the thing
working. As ever I needed to alter the basic config of the machine
just to use this software. All was trapped behind a compressed
file and nothing filtered out into known drawers or even the
software's own folder as is the case with the Amiga.

Anywhoo... nuff said. To today's venture and Transformer.


Time to fire up the trusty Amiga 1000.

If you look at these disks you will
see they are configured for different
drive arrangements.

Needed something to challenge the software.

This is where it all happens and is
the subject of tomorrows blog.

Dull as soup... Told yah !!

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