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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 25th August 2018: Post 01: Amiga Format - Getting the most out of

Amiga Format - Getting the most out of
To my knowledge there were four editions of Amiga Format's Getting
the most out of your Amiga. Version 1 and 2 appear generally the
same, though Version 2 has dropped the section on the disks. The
disks are referred to on the cover though the content of those
disks do not appear in the book. I have determined that the disks
for both Version 1 and 2 are exactly the same.

The Third Edition has two disks though the contents are somewhat
scant and provide very little. Still useful though.

Version 4 or Edition 4 is a smaller book and has just the one disk.

I do like Edition 1 as it is really informative for the period and
there is a great section describing the contents of the supplied
disks. I have a number of copies and my favourite is the one where
the previous owner has written notes. One simply says get the disks.

I have to say that the disks for these books have been in my collection
for a very long time. Amiga Format has and will always be a treasured
publication. Those responsible for the pages of the magazine were
so enthusiastic and really loved to entertain. They published so
many books and leaflets for the Amiga, along with the magazine.

Anyway here are those four editions and really , getting the most
out of your Amiga was what Amiga Format always tried to do.

Amiga Format - GTMOOYA

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