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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 26th August 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 Beginners Pack

Amiga 1200 Beginners Pack
Back in my 'Starter' days with the Amiga 1200 I was somewhat lost
in the dark, particularly regarding disk management. So imagine my
joy when I acquired the A1200 Beginners Pack from Bruce Smith Books
which not only had concise and detailed information on all things
A1200 related but also had the handy video. I must have thumbed the
pages of these books to death. The four floppy disks that came with
the pack were also incredibly useful.

In the day I never considered that I would be retaining these disks
for the time I have and so thought nothing of writing on the labels.

The one real classic among the pack was ARestaure which not only
scanned floppies for deleted files it also would copy them to my
RAM drive for recovery without mucking up the disk.

I acquired further books in the series and even bought a second
edition of my original just in case.

During my review today I discovered an interesting issue with an
Amiga 1200 which has a strange problem with the floppy drive as it
refuses to format and copy and a certain block in the process. I
simply connected an external floppy to check the problem and was
able to copy the disks. I had attempted three different sets of the
disks before concluding it must be the drive and not the disks.

Amiga Beginners Pack

Book 1 for the series is actually for the A600.

My original disks which I had written on the label.

Such a valued collection of books and
which I still use to this day.

Disk 1 and BuddBase 1.2.

TextEngine which they advise should
be booted from the floppy disk.



Time to Blitz those disks.

That problem with disk block 1742
which I tracked down to being an
issue with the drive and not the
actual floppy disks themselves.

The drive would not copy 'femme'.

Or 'TextEngine4.0.dct' on three different disks.

So I plugged in an external drive.

And copied no issue. I need to have
a look at that drive. Another project.

So I have my disks backed up and Blitzed.

And I'm still a beginner

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