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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 2nd August 2019: Post 03: Aladdin - Only on the original disk.

Aladdin - Only on the original disk.

Reading a recent post on one of the Amiga forums I was intrigued
why a download of the demo disk from The One wasn't working on
the emulator. I presume the guy was using an emulator. In knew
that this game worked only on the 1200, and had the disk to hand
as it is one of my favourites.

Anyway, I downloaded the copy of the disk that had failed and
set about de-crunching it on the A4000/040. The file when extracted
revealed an ADF which I then de-crunched onto a DD floppy. Moving
to the A1200 behind me I found the disk to be unplayable. I then
tried on two other A1200s but none worked.

I then ADF copied my original cover disk and reversed the process
and this resulted with the same problem. One issue I do have is
that the disk only works on an unexpanded A1200 or with the CPU
caches disabled when there is an accelerator present.

And so Aladdin appears to be locked behind a copyright gate and
is not able to be copied without someone cracking the game. For me
it matters not as I have the original game and disks. I also have
the copy of The One with the disks still sealed to the cover.

Whilst the process was a little pointless it did give me the
chance to feature Amiga magazines and their cover disks. Also I
got to play the game for a while. I include a snippet of the
opening part of the game where Aladdin jumps on the camel that
spits at the bad guy. So funny.

I also include a 'very badly' captured bit of video of the WB
of the 1200 showing a small bit of AlgoMusic maker. This little
wonder has kept me happy for many a long hour. Just fire it up
and it plays endless creations of music that baffles and totally
bewilders as to how it does it. Magic.


Aladdin and the spitting Camel - Plus AlgoMusic maker
Sorry about the video quality. It isn't the Amigas fault.
Sadly the capture device is truly crap. Never mind.

Aladdin - Only on the original disk.

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