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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 5th August 2019: Post 01: Amiga PSU - PowerBox by Wizard Developments.

Amiga PSU - PowerBox by Wizard Developments.

I was reflecting today on whether I could use one of these 250W
PSUs designed for the Amiga to run an EZ-Tower that is gathering
dust in store. The tower is like propping up a bench so I would
need to do some furniture moving but worth a shot.

So I grabbed the two PowerBox PSUs that I have from store and
took a nose around and dusted them off. Appears to work fine and
with all the connectors feeding out of the unit should easily
supply power to all the various components of the tower.

With that in mind it was time to recover the tower.

Before that I did check the supply voltages and compared it with
a PSU that I use for the CD32. The power supply comes with a
standard Amiga 1200 connector and I will need to check if that
causes any issues with the cables inside the tower.

Amiga PSU - PowerBox by Wizard Developments.

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