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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 7th August 2019: Post 01: Apple Macintosh Quadra 650.

Apple Macintosh Quadra 650.

The Apple Macintosh Quadra 650 dates from the time I first purchased
my Amiga 1200 back in 1993. That is about the only similarity. Thing
was that at the very time I was joying in the wonders of the 1200 a
good friend of mine was mucking around on his new Quadra. We did meet
up at the time to compare machines, and even then I just felt the
Amiga was a load more fun. I think he also appreciated that.

Anyway the Quadra has the 68040 processor running at 33 MHz. ROM
was just the 1MB Mac ROM and came with 8MB standard RAM up to a max
of 132MB. Fed by 72-pin SIMM 80ns.

Single display and having a 230/500MB hard drive and 2 x CD-ROM.

Sadly there appears to be a burnt out resistor or something brown
yellow viewed from the side below the floppy. The computer still
works, though again I don't not have a monitor available to check.

For me this is the best MAC, cus its just the size and height to
sit my Amstrad monitor on for the CPC464 and the DDi ext drive. Not
really more I can add in truth. It's an Apple Macintosh computer.

Apple Macintosh Quadra 650.

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