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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 10th August 2019: Post 02: Amiga 2000 Cherry Keyboard.

Amiga 2000 Cherry Keyboard.

Not exactly sure how rare the A2000 Cherry Keyboard is with the
Cherry MX black switches. One thing is for sure it has a quite
distinct feel to the later keyboards. As with the previous blog
the keys on the board have not faded and are still white/grey.

Quote ' The Cherry MX Black switch is a medium stiff, linear,
none clicky mechanical keyboard switch in the Cherry MX Family'.

It is possible you may trip on one of these keyboards by accident
so what are the differences other than the Cherry MX switches.
Well here are a few .....

01: The CAPS light is a slot shape running down the key face.
02: The Amiga keys are red.
03: Direction arrows are more blocky.
04: The label says Amiga 2000.
05: The shift key symbol is bigger.
06: The word Lock appears under keys in the NumPad.
07: The connector has a finger press in the side.
08: The connector has a 'v' slot.
09: The bottom feet have round edges.
10: There is no bottom label.
11: The keyboard uses plastic clasps and not screws.
12: The font is a little more blocky.

This board once lived at Buckinghamshire County Council and was
used for Emergency Planning.

The later versions of the keyboard provided various connectors
so that the keyboard could be used on the Amiga 4000.

To be honest this keyboard is probably one of the rarest things
I own in my Amiga collection. I must have like 20 Amiga keyboards
and only one of this style. I think. So dig yours out and see if
you have the 'Cherry' bro. And please if you have one please I
beg of you don't destroy the board with Britescraping which seems
very popular with bonkers Tube cave-dwellers who have ageist issues.
We all get old... just deal with it and stop destroying these
wonderful computers.

Amiga 2000 Cherry Keyboard.

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