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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 11th August 2019: Post 01: Words is one thing.

Words is one thing. Tub horror.

So there I am wading thro disk box after disk box trying to find
the illusive disk four of the Wordworth V1 set for the Amiga. I
know I had the disks somewhere. Nothing for it but to get heavy
and so I ventured onto the Amiga shelves and pulled my boxed
version of the software. Shock horror and no disks inside.

Next up I fired up the A4000/040 and checked the archive. I found
the respective disk but it was on its own and there was no set
for Wordworth V.1. All the others up to V.5 were there but not the
set I wanted.

Next I started sifting through my photo logs but couldn't find
anything. Onto the website and there on the page for serious
software was the box and the set of disks. [ scratches head ].
It was then that I realised that I had another boxed set and it
was ...... DEEP SIGH ! In the store tubs. Bugga.

What to do .. What to do. This had suddenly become a big job.
Man do I hate the tubs... takes for ever to move them about.

Anyway nothing for it but to get on with shifting the tubs. Took
most of the afternoon but I did it. I found the box and the disks
and have now copied them to the A4000d. I also found what is
probably the rarest thing I have in the collection. More on that

Suffice to say all is back stored and tidy and I have the disks
that I needed. And why Wordworth ? No real reason. Just came to
me in a flash while looking at other things. I was intrigued as
to how it performed relative to the other versions. I am going
to install it on an A500 and see ... tomorrow.

I did take some picks which are a bit blurred cus of I wasn't
using a tripod. Anyway, I've dug out some old pictures of the
store area to give you a taste of what 'tub horror' is all

Who would have thought that retro computers could be such a
physically tiring activity. Words is one thing... doing is another.

Words is one thing.

First seven pictures are from today
Scuse the shaky camera work.

So what's on the brown box ?
Clue .. Probably the rarest Commodore I have.

Previously on scuzzblog

Archive footage

I make no apologies for the state
of boxes. Like I say its the way
they came. Wish it were different

That's a Famicom Disk System there

Most of the items are on sturdy shelves
I hate stacking boxes. They always get damaged

Up the ladders and looking down see
what I am searching for. A can see the
Sharp but not the Amstrads

Half these things I have never used

Atari boxes are always so big

No luck there

Looks like I have to peel away
some of the layers


Mouse Pad and really really old mouse

OK fish the camera down the gaps and
see if I can see the Amstrads

Took me ages to store the stuff

Some boxes are more obvious than others
as to the contents inside

Always tempted to open up... Resist

A PS1 control connector. Looks like the
Terminator's arm stranded and lost.

I have no idea what is in that box

That's the Aquarius I was looking for

How do I get that out

I have a feeling that is a BBC in that box

Struggling with the camera between boxes
That's an Evesham classic PC on the left

XBOX v Playstation.. Always look after
your boxes. Very important

So many Toshiba MSX units


Need to remember where I kept
the Enterprise. I have two...

The Toshiba also came in a kit box

Losing sight of my challenge here

OK at this point I found the two Amstrads
they were behind that Yamaha [ silver thing ]

I also found the A500 motherboard
albeit I realise now that the board
is a broken one and the Plus that
was in the box got used. Never mind

Two seriously amazing bits of kit there

Think I've found everything now

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