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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 12th August 2019: Post 03: Wordworth V1.1 screenshots.

Wordworth V1.1 screenshots.

My first experiences of Wordworth were with the Desktop Dynamite
pack on the Amiga 1200. To this day there has never been a better
package of software for any computer, what with DPaint and Wordworth.
The test being the amount of times I used them and that I still
use them today after 25 years.

To use Wordworth you do need the serial number. In the day I did
register the software and received various promotional offers from
Digita. Registering and receiving official correspondence always
made me feel I was using the real deal. Wordworth was certainly

I am very particular about word processing software given that
writing is what I do a lot. To this day on the Windows based
computer I only use Notepad, as I am now, basically cus I have
never found a Word Processor for Windows that was any good. That
is not the case for the Amiga as the computer was blessed with
many great software programs. I do like the Softwood collection
of software. I also have a soft spot for MiniOffice .. but
Wordworth is king. I have so much written in this format it
fills disk after disk.

So here we have Wordworth V1.1 installed on a GVP Series II
sidecar on the AmigaPlus using 1.3 no less. I have two sidecars
on the bench. One is the Workbench 2 and the other 1.3. I chose
the 1.3 cus I thought it more suited to the era. Also looks better.

With the disks that I have here that prompted this feature there
was also a set of other disks for Amikit and LittleOffice. So
I fired them up just for reference.

Wordworth V1.1 screenshots.

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