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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 15th August 2019: Post 02: There is no i in Apple.

There is no i in Apple.


I have so little interest in Apple I hadn't even realised that they were 
rebranding their products removing the letter i at the beginning. Just 
like naming their machines Mac I was always surprised that the very 
successful and powerful image of the Apple wasn't simply used as a brand 
name. The i initially was meant to mean internet so it all gets even a 
little more bonkers. Seems like they are a little sick of fighting 
copyright battles over the i names and want to focus more on the Apple 
as the primary business marker. .. at long last.

Just watched a YouTube video about the whole rebranding by the larger 
companies like MS and Google. Dull as soup but as ever kinda felt way 
behind the current trends and unable to really makes sense of any of it. 
Primarily cus I don't run any of the modern systems and or have a mobile 
phone, as you know.

One trend that did leave me a little cold was the massive use in China 
of phone payment systems and the scanning of everything to pay with your 
phone. Seems like hardly anyone uses cash or even cards. And prepay 
seems to be the way forward. They can even view in real time product 
display and even request what something might look like if in a 
different colour for instance. A personal assistant will be happy to 
show variations live.

Also the whole economical infrastructure of the known world can be 
scanned and interacted with using the phone and enable a personal 
repository of brands and suppliers so that they can search using the 
phone and buy obviously using the phone payment system.

Thing that I found most disturbing, but not surprised about was the 
image/footage of what appeared to be an endless line of folk sitting on 
park benches, propped up against walls and sitting on stone edgings to 
fountains all in deep thought looking into their phones. Why am I 
troubled, well they were in a park, the sun was shining and the sky was 
blue.. and yet they all chose to be on their phone. And nowadays when 
you see a group of people anywhere you are likely to see phones either 
being used or at the ready for photographs, selfies and for recording 
stuff. It boggles my mind just how messed up society is that cannot 
survive without a phone. And yet take us back twenty or so years and 
concerts would not have phones waving in the air, street scenes would 
not have phones adorning every person in view and people did probably 
relax and enjoy their environments a lot more and interact with each 
other. I may be wrong.

For me as an alien of this world I struggle with the concept of phones 
in everyone's hand. I have no issue with being able to communicate with 
others when out and about. BUT, when it becomes the primary point of 
reference to everyone's life, their meaning and source of recording 
their world... whether needing to or otherwise I kinda feel sorry for 
the way things have become.

So am I troubled by the moves my Apple. Am iF*ck. I really couldn't care 


There is no i in Apple.

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