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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 22nd August 2019: Post 01: A1200 - Scavenging stuff.

A1200 - Scavenging stuff.

For a lot of the time during my frantic collecting days I would
simply buy stuff that was broken or in a state of disrepair in
the hope of salvaging good bits for future use. This has served
me well over the years and helped me put kit back into working
order. Sadly the A1200 is a bit of a pig cus all but the ROMs
are surface mounted so I would need a soldering expert on hand
to swap stuff out.

My solution in the day was to buy replacement motherboards and
simply swap the old one out. Same goes for keyboards and floppy
drives. I did the same with the A600, though the 600 was a little
more bulletproof in truth.

So here I am with a faulty A1200 motherboard and the challenge
of maybe having to replace not simply capacitors but maybe even
components. It is obvious that the TV modulator is an issue,
though I am not convinced the component is even necessary. The
spare boards that I have are all broken in one form or another.
There are three busted A1200 boards and they are stored with
little prospect of ever being put to good use.

Today I dug two of them out to inspect the TV modulator and to
see if it was likely I could salvage any of the chips. I have
no idea what faults are on the boards as they were from broken
Amiga 1200s when they arrived here. So maybe not that much wrong.
The one board that has been hacked the most came from a broken
tower which I replaced. It has been butchered a bit and maybe
could have stuff taken of the board. I really don't know.

Anyway although rather dusty I decided to have a mooch around
the two boards and check them over. Mainly for photographic
records so I can refer to the components in the future. It is
interesting just how many changes there were between revision
dates on the A1200 motherboard in its short lived time frame.
And so the pictures are more library images for my reference.

Scuse shoddy pictures.. just for my usage in truth

A1200 - Scavenging stuff.

A1200 number 2

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