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Entry 1st August 2020: Post 1: Resident Evil - Ada Wong a PC mod.

Resident Evil - Ada Wong a PC mod.

Not sure how legal it is to create mods for computer games characters
but from YouTube videos it is quite the fashion. When I search
for information on games I very often run into character mods
which leave me scratching my head as I never recall seeing the game
this way.

So imagine my surprise to discover that one of my all time favourite
Resident Evil characters had received a make-over. The very lovely
Miss Ada Wong.

Before I start let me rewind a bit .. Resident Evil or Biohazard if
you are in Japan, was created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara
and released and owned by Capcom March 22 1996.

The game basically involves a virus that turns ordinary folk into
flesh eating zombies. Your task is to stop them. It's a horror
adventure and has spawned so many spin offs including films.

Enter Ada Wong who rescues Leon (as ever) and then aids him in his
challenge to recover a sample. She fails and falls to her death. Or
so you think, except she is seen throwing a rocket launcher to Leon
and so she lives on.

My recollection of Ada was kinda of a female with attitude and a
strong lady at that. She wasn't portrayed as being overly glamorous
though I guess had the pixels been available she could have been.
She appears again in Resident Evil 4 and in 6 as a playable character.

I was aware she was in the film of the series and although looks the
part she didn't come across to me as the female in the second game.

Anyhoo .... They made a new version of Resident Evil 2 or remake, as
they call them, and stupidly put it out on PC, where its been hacked
and plundered to show Miss Wong in everything from a bikini to
pretty much absolutely nothing. Scrub that... in one video she is
wearing absolutely nothing. I was shocked, and by the time I had
watched about fifty of these things I couldn't help feeling she had
been degraded somewhat. ( er the point there if you missed it was
I wasn't put off watching a lot of these videos )

Ada Wong did develop quite a fan base in the day and I did look
forward to her appearing again in the series. I'm glad she didn't
die, though she did suffer a lot at my sausage fingers .. ooh err!!

There was one particular mod that I thought was a little fetching
and I feature it here, showing it with the original. See if you
can spot the difference. Her art work features on various pages of
Deviant Art and it isn't hard to find material about her. If you do
go look for her on YouTube I would tread lightly if you are easily
offended. For me the characters develop their allure from their
actions in a game. That is what makes or breaks them.

I did like the Resident Evil series on the PS1. Many a late evening
frightening the **ap out of me in a dimply lit room during the late
nineties. What with this and Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis and Silent
Hill I am surprised I was able to sleep at nights. My favourite
though was Nemesis. The ending to that is classic. I often think
about firing up the PlayStation but in truth I find the graphics
a little difficult to stomach. I have to say Ada Wong was looking
a darn sight better in the remake. Now that would have kept me UP !!

I better go before I say something I shouldn't.

L I N K | YouTube

Ada Wong in that silver dragon dress Do not click if easily offended by blood, gore or large breasts.

Resident Evil - Ada Wong a PC mod.

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