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Entry 2nd August 2020: Post 1: MegaChip - ECS with Agnus and Denise.

MegaChip - ECS with Agnus and Denise.

OK an easy blog tonight as I simply advise of the chip reference
for the Super Denise which is required if you want to upgrade your
humble A500 or A2000 to ECS. Note that ECS stands for Enhanced Chip
Set. In doing so the computer can have the AGNUS upgraded to give
2MB chip RAM. Agnus becomes Super Agnus ... don't you know.

Denise (OCS) 8362 R6
Denise (OCS) 8362 R8
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 390433-02 A500+, A2000, A3000
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 391061-01 A600
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 391081-01 A600

There was a time when having an advanced Amiga meant upgrading your
Amiga 2000 or 500 machine. The idea behind the Checkmate was to
give those with a 500 a big box feel and make expanding much much

One of the more advanced upgrades to the 500 and 2000 was to install
the MegaChip with a 2MB AGNUS onboard [ see next post on blog ].

In the past I have upgraded an A500 to ECS. Personally I would
always advise not upgrading the AGNUS as the sockets have become 
quite fragile.

The ECS chipset is remembered as the second generation of the Amiga
chipset. This was an upgraded version to the OCS or Original Chip
Set. It was first introduced in 1990 with the release of the Amiga
3000 computer. Later models leading up to the AGA release featured
the ECS chip set. This was the case with the 500+ and the A600.
Whilst many make the error of comparing the A600 with the A1200, in
truth there is very little to compare. The A600 being an upgrade
to the A500 series of machines and more specifically the A500+.

Hope that was of use to the person that asked.

MegaChip - ECS with Agnus and Denise.


Amiga 2000

~ o ~

Amiga 500+

The very Fat Agnus.

DENISE handles graphics.

I have in the past upgraded a 500 to ECS.

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