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Entry 6th August 2020: Post 1: Amiga Workbench Release 2 - Big Folder.

Amiga Workbench Release 2 - Big Folder.

I so didn't want to get this folder out. Seriously, I so didn't.
The thing is on a bottom shelf behind two PCs, an A1500 and an
A2000, an Amiga monitor and an Atari 2600. Plus an assorted number
of floppy drives and disk boxes. So no I didn't want to shift
this stuff. But having slept on it I did in the end.

However I did not venture into the tubs to recover the two boxed
upgrade versions of the Workbench folders.

Release 2 1990 originally shipped with the Amiga 3000 has to have
the biggest folders of an Amiga Workbench. The first in it's
original folder would take your foot off if you dropped it. The
other copy I have has been removed and split into two binders
for ease of use I assume. The first has the previous owners
scribbles on showing he/she had read the thing.

To be honest I never found the binders any use at all as I have
better and more useful guides in much smaller books. There is
no way I could have these out whilst working on the Amiga.

The bottom area of the lost shelf unit has become a repository
for unused software like Amiga Vision complete with disks of
which I have amassed three copies. The invoice shows that the
software came with a Genlock.

I am able to slide PageStream out from the bottom shelf , just,
so that technically is still available.

Anyhoo, that was that. Pretty pointless, but I guess gives an
idea of the size of Amiga Workbench folders. They did tend to
take the Amiga 3000 very seriously and I know that Release 2
was supposed to be called 1.4 but Commodore had an eye on what
Apple were doing with releases and felt their system needed a
bigger number boost. And a bigger manual... Thanks for that
Apple. NOT !!

And now for the technical stuff. For Release 2 you needed the
ROM upgrade and it gave your boot screen a purple backdrop and
animated disk insert. The Workbench became grey with 3D icons.
In the words of Sheldon Cooper it made the Workbench look ZAZZY!
[ I can't back that up ]. Astounding.

Amiga Workbench Release 2 - Big Folder.

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