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Entry 7th August 2020: Post 1: Amiga Workbench Release 2 from tubs.

Amiga Workbench Release 2 from tubs.

I know I said I wouldn't start dismantling my tub storage mountain
to recover the two boxed versions of Release 2 but I gave in. So
today I removed a whole mass of computers to get at the tub storing
these boxes. Not really sure why I haven't photographed these

The one box is a little sad cus when I bought it from Ebay the
seller decided that he couldn't be bothered putting it in another
box and simply taped up the box with duck tape, so ruining the
original artwork. Happens. That is why I have two of these.

It was interesting to discover that inside the one folder was a
set of the 2.04 disks.

From the mighty Greg Donner.  LINK TO GREG'S SITE

Workbench 2.0, version 36.1, 36.68 (Kickstart version 36.141)

Workbench Release 2.01, version 36.69 (Kickstart version 36.143)

Workbench Release 2.02, version 36.70 (Kickstart version 36.207)

Workbench Release 2.03, version 36.102 (Kickstart 36.209)

Workbench Release 2.04, version 37.67 (Kickstart version 37.175)

Workbench Release 2.05, versions 37.71, 37.72 (Kickstart
versions 37.299, 37.300, 37.350)

Workbench Release 2.1, version 38.36

Think I'm done with Release 2. Certainly worth while albeit a
little on the heavy side.

Amiga Workbench Release 2 from tubs.

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