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Entry 8th August 2020: Post 1: Amiga SuperJAM and Bars&Pipes.

Amiga SuperJAM and Bars&Pipes.

I am going to have to keep the blog short today given that the old
thermometer in here has shot off the top of the dial and I have
mercury rising. This basically is a follow up to a video I watched
recently featuring the very wonderful SuperJAM.

We have to go back to the Christmas of 1993 when Amiga Format gave
out a copy of SuperJAM on the cover of their wonderful magazine.
Having a present like that at that time of the year was truly
magical. I played with this for hours. Over the years a number of
music products were given away by Amiga Format and these also
included Bars&Pipes and Dr.T's. I was in heaven. I couldn't afford
the full packages in the time. Hell, my TechnoSound Turbo cost me
50 in the day.

As time went on it became easier for me to acquire the software and
so first chance I had I got hold of copies of the Blue Ribbon
SoundWorks Ltd very splendid SuperJAM and Bars&Pipes. I also managed
to get Dr.T's and various interfaces plus sound samplers.  My A4000T also
came packed with the Concierto  [ kinda related]. I was bathing in  Amiga
music heaven.

The Amiga may not have been the best music computer out there but
certainly it was well furnished with some quite stunning software
products. The ease at which this software can be used is really
simple and I would recommend any new user get hold of the various
cover disks and magazines. You do need some guidance, and there are
any number now on YouTube. So no excuses.

Anyway my face is melting and hands are dripping in pools of sweat
so I better go. Have fun.

Bloody HOT !!!!!!!

Amiga SuperJAM and Bars&Pipes.

All else fails just get hold of ProTracker.

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