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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 01st December 2017: Post: 1

Once more into the breach - Amiga 2000 style [ you are such a heartless bitch ]

So she works fine for ages and then has a flip out. It reeally is 
nothing very serious other than a reseating of the card and then
she works without fault for a good while, until she decides she
wants a litte more attention. Love the computer to death but hey
gave me the chance to tidy the case up a bit.

Back under the A2000 bonnet for the day. Great fun.

The very splendid Amiga 2000 with
the even more wonderful GVP030
So let's get busy with it .. M'kay

OK Time to open up

Review of the GVP030 card

The A2320 Display Enhancer

Dave, the previous owner told me
to watch out for a connector that
he had attached to one of the pin
legs of a chip. It may come loose
You can see the connector here

Kinda at 45 degrees with dark blue end
Anyway looks OK.

No battery to worry about

As ever the computer boots first, second,
third time etc etc. Always does

All the drives are working

SysInfo identifies no issues

GVP Memory

All the active drives

I did have a problem loading DPaint
so I reinstalled the software

DOpus did the business no problem

Launched DpaintIV

Time to lock the Amiga down

Welcome to December's edition of scuzzblog diaries
No time for festive stuff in the world of retro

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