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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 03rd December 2017: Post: 1

A BiT of a Famiclone - The BiT79

This computer was first purchased on 4th December 1990 from Singapore
and represents a strange breed of machine that basically was a 
clone of another. In this case the Famicom. Whilst externally the
computer had its own form, the cartridge that it used was able
to play Famicom games.

This Asian Famiclone like  'Dendy' uses a CPU 6527P which is a 
clone of the original Ricoh-chips.

The cartridge provided is a counterfiet also insomuch that it has
on it 32 Famicom games in one single cartridge. 

I do like the design and styling on this computer. It really is
just how I like computers to look. For me computer should aim to
exaggerate and expose all its workings and this computer just
wants to be a fun package and be boldly display its wares.

Cool bit of kit. Not sure it works. Interestingly the serial is
quite low being under the 1000 mark. Be interesting to find how
many were made. Not much on the internet sadly. Anyway here is
a tour of the machine plus some technical stuff.

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