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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 05th December 2017: Post: 2

ML F48 - MSX giving me the old blank look

The very dull looking Mitsubishi MSX ML-F48. Kinda so dull that
after I spent an age photographing the thing it refused to work.
Just gave me the old blank look.... Not surprised, I doubt I even
switched the computer on when it arrived. I really have never been
interested in the MSX. The various models are pretty much the same 
and probably reflect the dull boring world that Microsoft wanted.
I do not want to paint too derogatory a picture of these computers
for in truth they were very effective. Problem was, as with this
one.... it was really just dull as soup. Grown-ups making a kids
machine. Computing should be fun first and then dull second.

Anyway the beast didn't work. Just the grey screen of death. Not
completely busted but needs a bag load of capacitors and a wealth
of electrical knowledge to fix. Beyond me. Just to refresh my MSX
desires I plugged in a Toshiba... and blow me the space bar was
busted. Not my day. Think I'm done with the MSX for a while.

Mitsubishi MSX ML-F48

Made in Japan in 1983 with Microsoft Extended BASIC MSX Basic v1.0
Keyboard is a QWERTY mechanical
The CPU is a Z80 running at 3.6Mhz
RAM is 32KB on this model ( VRAM 16KB )
ROM is 32KB
The unit has 16 colours, tape recorder input and cartridge slot for games.

Current status  - BUSTED. Never mind.

The ML-F48 - Dull as soup

Nothing - Zero - Nowt - Furked

Switches on the Toshiba to make
me feel better ....

And discover no SPACE bar working
I just have to fix this.. Next post

The equally dull ML F80

ML-F80 ML-F80 ML-F80 ML-F80


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