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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 06th December 2017: Post: 4

More than a Famicom - Disk System

Great idea that just went kinda all wrong. Nintendo had been playing
around with the concept of re-writable games on cards. They liked the
idea of users taking some form of re-writable media and plugging into
a system that could overwrite the games for a price. They gave up but
then bought into the disk system.

The disks are unique to Nintendo and whilst have an interesting write
protection system failed to provide a dust slide to disks. The write
protect involved the words Nintendo having to be inserted into the
top edge of the disk to play.

The system ran on batteries but could be wired in. The disks could be
taken to a kiosk and games written to it.

Games for a period were only released on disk. However as the drive lost
popularity and cartridges became ever more cheap and larger Nintendo 
eventually reverted to their old system of cartridges.

I have no disk, nor want to risk breaking the rubber band on this unit.

The Family Computer Disk System

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