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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 06th December 2017: Post: 7

Famicom - More from the box

Ok I have to speed this along if I am going to eat today. Just about 
finished with the Famicom box. However, there were one or two other
goodies in the box worth a mention.

I do like Japanese kit. They really went out of their way to entertain

A game hand held dedicated to Final Fantasy

The WonderSwan Color dedicated
to the Final Fantasy game

Probably the greatest computer story ever told

Final Fantasy eventually found a home with
SONY and in truth the CD was Nintendo's
loss at the time given the data storage
Square needed for their story telling

The more traditional WonderSwan

This is truly classic

How could you not buy this ?
Whatever it is....

It's a NeoGeo Pocket Color

With a twist

There is way more to this than
you can hang round your neck

I have no idea what you are

But you look a fun thing to play

OK little one.. This is what a proper
NeoGeo cartridge looks like

It's massive.. I mean MASSIVE !!

You wouldn't want to drop that on your foot

Compare the cartridge to the Famicom

The Famicom box is empty

Hope you enjoyed my little review
of the Famicom. Great bit of kit

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