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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 08th December 2017: Post: 4

Can you spot a C64 mouse

This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. The way that our
beloved Commodore failed to identify the 1351 mouse for the C64
and which for all intense and purposes looks identical to the Amiga
mouse. And to prove the point view these images

OK One of these is the 1351 for the C64

Both have the same connector

Both say Commodore on the rear

The flat end on a mouse is for the A1000

The aging won't give the mouse away either

Amiga mice also have a date at times

So which is it ?

It's this one... And how do I know ?

Cus it came in this box for the 1351

And yes it is identical to the Amiga mouse

But is a whole bag different. Trust me.

An Amiga mouse will not work on my
C64 running GEOS desktop 1.5. Infact
if you plug an Amiga mouse in you won't
even be able to enter much of the text
on the screen. The computer goes bonkers

To do all this you need a 1351
An actual official Commodore 1351

And just for GEOS sake ... I need another

I am troubled that the poor mouse may be extinct

The mouse goes in the joystick port
If you don't have a mouse use a joystick

And just 19.99 in June of 1987

I can just hear the screaming from the
hallways of the C64 and Amiga.....

It's our mouse.. No it's not it's our mouse
IT'S OUR MOUSE... NO IT'S NOT. Fight you for it !!!

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