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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 09th December 2017: Post: 1

GEOS with a NEOS

I managed to dig out the old NEOS today so I could have a play with
GEOS on the C64. This little mouse normally comes with his cheese
but I do have one lying around as a replacement for the 1351.

Tricky little mouse to get running given that for GEOS it has to run
in the Joystick port and the trick is to switch on and keep the left
mouse button depressed. Thing is the characters go flying across
the screen and you need to get your finger off pretty quick. If you
fail to follow that procedure you will end up as you do with an Amiga
mouse, just typing garbage across the screen.

To run the Cheese paint package you have to use the tape datasette,
obviously. Stick in the tape and without the mouse installed type
Load "cheese",1,1 and then let it run. It will take almost all the
tape and it looks like nothing is happening. Eventually you will
get a READY command and at this point you type in SYS4096. Wait for
the Cheese program to start then stuff in the mouse in Port 2, the
one furthest away from you. And you will be painting cheese in no
time. Quite interesting ... but I was here for GEOS.

Sorry for the less than clear GEOS images. My camera is a law to its
own and try as I might sometimes there is something about the display
that the camera just cannot home in on to focus.

GEOS worked just fine with the mouse and I was able to access all of
the GEOS menus. Great little mouse I have to say. Saved me having to
risk the 1351 which is a rarity to me.

The C64 I call Christina given that I was
listening to an album of Ms Aguilera whilst
recently repairing this little baby

The repair involved the replacement of the
base of the computer which you can see
varies in colour to the original top

Interestingly the colours match to the rear

I will be using an old bw television to test
out GEOS with the NEOS

And serial so no need to use these expansions

still a very serviceable computer the C64
I chose the old style simply cus I think
she actually photographs better

Enter the 1571

If you want guaranteed service from a
5.25" you really cannot beat the 1571

This floppy drive is so reliable. The best.

Just so easy and simple to use
I do prefer Commodore with their
insistence on rocker switches. Sadly
I have so many Amiga monitors with
broken or faulty push in and out
switches, I would kill for rockers

Enter the NEOS.. Cute or what !

Time was when even a simple button
had a special ridge to stop your
finger slipping off

I had this mouse for quite a while
before I realised it was for the C64

NEOS MS-30 by the Nihon Electronics Co Ltd.
Introduced in 1985 for the C64 and the C128.
Kinda cruel to suggest its a joystick that
looks like a mouse. Sadly had little support

Still.. worth its weight in gold today

I discovered what this mouse was when
I found one in my cheese box

The NEOS Mouse Cheese

Complete with tape cassette

Load "cheese" and enjoy the mouse
driven painting package on the C64

Time to test the mouse with GEOS

Loading command for the 1571

Finds and loads GEOS

What it says ' Booting GEOS '

And there we have GEOS
Again sorry for the fuzzy images

File menu activated by the NEOS

View menu

Disk menu

Special menu

Calculator with this years date
The mouse is restricted to the
actual shape of the calculator

Things .. seriously


And there we have it

A successful test of the NEOS


Using a MEOS... Mouse

OK this mouse definitely looks like a joystick

A very green joystick

Power Play

A more apt name would be ' Crusher '

Definitely not a mouse

Well that's it for today

I'm deep into games cassettes
tomorrow to be sure to tune in

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