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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 12th December 2017: Post: 1

I N C U M I N G !!!!!!

I have been on a mission for the whole of this year to unbox as
much as I can and check the general state of computers and to
where possible fire up and maybe do a modest amount of repairs.
As ever I find myself scratching my head as to the whereabouts
of a couple of computers... The TRS-80 Portable and MC-10.

And so it was time to get the potholing gear out again for a bit
of frenzied spelunking and open up those plastic tubs and see if
I can put in my thumb I pull out a couple of plums.

Right size box but wrong OS

Nothing here but VIC stuff

Amiga heaven


Comic Setter

Time to open those 500s

Looks like a valuable calculator

As I thought .. a KIM-1

Man I wish I hadn't found that

I just can never resist

At the bottom already and no TRSs

What's that Spectrum game doing in
an A500 box.. Whoo !! an Amiga mouse

And there is the cheese.. Holding the 520
in the other of the A500 boxes

All the paperwork in this one

OK getting warm.. Found the manuals

TRS-80 but way too big

Amazing what you find in C64 boxes


There is the GX4000 box.. Er not
playing anymore Amstrad games. Focus

Stacks of Amiga magazines... Everywhere

Atari 400

I'm sure these reproduce in these tubs

Loadsa MSX's


Another Yamaha.. and just out of view
the first of the TRS computers I needed
I was too busy looking at the 464Plus

The very colourful TI.. Press any key

Whoo Hoo .. Munch Man.. Steady

I have a few TI-99s. Strange power connector

A school of Aquirii !!

Enough Already..

Happily I found what I was looking for

Found two Model 100s and both work
The one had some real 'acky!! batteries in

The NEC PC-8300 which is basically a
Model 100 but slightly different.. Also working

A working Mitsubishi ML-F80 to make up
for the recent failure. This one has a
wired-in cassette recorder. Also looks
like it worked in a brick factory in a
previous life. A bit weathered

The TI-99 to put through its paces

Another HiT-BiT

Another Toshiba for a colour review

How did that get in there

The PPC512 with two floppy drives

Not one but two more Notebooks putting
total number now up to four. More 2032s ordered

And there she is the MC-10

And there she is Alice

Same computer.. Different colour

Though the one has a way better manual

TRS manuals are so dreary

TI's are a touch better

I just had to pull the mouse from
the Amiga 500 box

Planning on some pics of Casio calcs

I'll review these two C64 goodies

Also all my batteries have arrived

For the little Acorns and Portfolio

Amazingly this takes a battery

Wafer thin

Classic bit of kit

All done

I have placed my salvaged goods on the
photo room bench and I shall be doing
the do over the coming days. Good stuff

I do believe it's getting cold. Maybe
time to put on the heating. Just means
switching in a few more computers.. As you do !!

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