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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 14th December 2017: Post: 1

Let's have another go - The Mitsubishi ML-F80

You will no doubt recall the disappointment of the ML-F48 that did
not work. That just isn't allowed so I dug out the computer's
bigger sister and powered her up today. She was fine. Just fine.

This machine has taken some heavy hammering. Not sure how many of
you are familiar with musical equipment used by groups on stage,
but having spent a little time humping kit onto stages and trapped
for hours in the back of a van between gigs with the stuff, you note
a certain worn look to keyboards, amps and speakers. They are pretty
hardy bits of kit but the paint wears off from edges. Its kinda
baked on so takes a bit of constant abrasion to come off. Well,
this computer has the feel of a worn amp or keyboard.

The tape machine is hardwired into the same power supply. That too
looks like it has been busy in a previous life. The computer works
without fault and is a dream to use. Shame I'm not more of an MSX

I don't mind kit looking a bit weathered. Just sad that I don't have more
from it's previous life. I am sadly short of MSX software. Maybe if I had
more I would spend more time with the MSX.

The ML-F80 is the same as the ML-48 only has more RAM

ML-F80 made by Mitsubishi in Japan in 1983
Runs Microsoft Extended BASIC using a Z80A at 3.6 Mhz
Has 64 KB of RAM and 16 KB of VRAM with 32 KB ROM
Colours amount to 16 256 x 192 and 64 x 48
Sound uses a General Instruments AY-3-8910
3 channels and 8 octaves

Remember the ML-F48 that didn't work

Meet the ML-F80 that does

The best button on a computer .. EVER !!

Do display the image I used a 1.8m 3 RCA Male
to Plug Cable/Lead PHONO Audio & Video Composite
AV TV/DVD Wire... and a Toshiba 32" colour TV

ML-F80 you bloody dingbat !!

All working ..

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