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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 14th December 2017: Post: 3

Basically much happier - Mallard has landad

Not sure why I never replaced my Mallard BASIC book that went 
missing in the mid 1990's. I guess I just knew enough of the BASIC
to get by. Anywhoo .. an auction came up on the Bay for a copy and
I thought it was about time to regroup the Locoscript books and
today the little package arrived. Gave me a warm glow just holding
it in my hands. I hadn't got the heart to fold open the pages to
take some pics. I have loosened most of the pages in the other
manual through the years of use.

Happy days.

Mallard BASIC produced by Locomotive Software is a BASIC interpreter 
for CP/M which was supplied with the PCW9512. It is also used with a
number of other Amstrad machines. 

And the most wonderful function of Mallard BASIC.. Chain Merge

CHAIN MERGE ‹file name›[,‹line number expression› | [,[‹line number 
expression›],DELETE ‹line number range›]]

Loads the specified program from tape or disc, merges it into the 
program in memory, and starts execution of the merged program. The 
parameter DELETE ‹line number range› is used to delete part of the 
original program before running it, if required.

With this function you could dump all the old program, carry over
the variables and either keep some of the program or just delete
and start over with the assigned variables. Basically to save 
the memory as the programs became very large.

Mallard BASIC

Included with CP/M for the PCW

The PCW Manual with CP/M reference guide

Both 3" disks supplied with the PCW9512

The full works reunited

My well thumbed and pages loose
original manual. See if I can look
after the Mallard a bit better.

It's raining again...

This is England.. It's always raining
I love it

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