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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 14th December 2017: Post: 5

What we are going to do now is go back

OK I have fuelled up the DeLorean and enlisted the services of
Dr Kevin Casey AKA Michael J Fox and have jetted back to 2003.
I have the exact time and date set into the machine ....

Creation Date (iptc): 2003-03-22T11:44:06... That's March 2003

Amazingly nothing has changed. I was the same nutter then that
I am today, just with marginally less kit. So have a look at what
I was doing in the Amiga workshop in March of 2003. See how many
Amigas you can spot.

I am the proud mayor of Flibble

What a colourful day I have been welcomed with

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