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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 16th December 2017: Post: 2

Its a BiT of a HiT three I do believe

I spent way too much time on the Amstrad today and was left very
little to review the SONY HiT BiT that I recovered from my recent
adventures. This meant I couldn't spend time cleaning the computer
And whilst they are never dirty, the camera does pick up every 
last little speck of dust. I do apologise. It was either dusty
SONY or none as I have a busy few days ahead of me.

So here we have the second of this particular model and third
overall for the HiT BiT family of machines. As ever with the MSX
it basically ' did what it said on the tin '. Japanese kit has a way
of working but being ever so slightly dull. Looks nice though.

SONY Hit BiT MSX1 75 
Manufactured around 1985
Runs Microsoft Extended BASIC and has Personal Databank Software
built in. Evidently there was a data cartridge that saves data.
Full QWERTY mechanical keyboard 
Uses the Z80A running at 3.6Mhz with 64KB RAM
ROM is 32KB requiring 16KB for built in software
Graphics Mode 0 256 x 192 with 16 colours and Mode 3 64 x 48
Sound is provided with AY-3-8910 Progeammable Sound
Two joystick sockets, two cartridge slots, tape socket, scart, video

And to the pictures


It's that key that says ' Clean Me'

Turns to my trusty Konami cartridge

It's Ridge Racer Type 4 [ Just joking ]

Whoo Hoo !! We get to drive in the snow

Built in software

Like I said all working

Meant to include this with the Mitsubishi
but sadly forgot. Works on ths MSX machines

I think we're done.

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