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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 17th December 2017: Post: 3

DMC - Better known as the Disk Magazine Creator

I was given this by a very good friend who I acquainted through
the Amiga groups. I have received many items from supportive users
of the Amiga and I have always been touched by the warmth and
support given by fellow Amigans

This little goodie is a work that like the previous post represents
the era of the Amiga and the desire by it's user base to share
with the community their interest in the computer. The software
not only provides the necessary program information, it also
aims to educate and expand through a series of updates. In the
days of the Amiga the communication lines may have been a little
more arduous to use and more fragmented, but they worked and true
Amigans were able to communicate and share their understanding
of the platform and creative efforts.

How better to do this than by creating your very own disk based
magazine. And tools like DMC let you do that. Here is just a
brief glimpse at the quite detailed manual.

Again just checking my copied disks

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