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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 22nd December 2017: Post: 2

Sanyo MPC-100 - Complete with ink well

I guess you are all too young to remember school desks with ink
wells. And yes, before you ask, I actually own a school desk with
a lift up lid and ink well.. though the ink has dried up. Anyway
not quite an ink well but there is a hole top right of this machine
which houses a light pen that came with the machine. It is covered
with the 64K circle thang.

I am quite sure that in the early eighties the Japanese were making
MSX machine typewriters faster than anything else. The numbers and
various models are quite prolific. 

Nothing at all wrong again with the computer. The build quality as
ever is quite excellent. Just wish I had more software for it, and
a disk drive. 

Sanyo MPC 100 made by Sanyo in Japan 1984
Uses Microsoft Extended BASIC (MSX BASIC v1.0)
Has a full stroke keyboard plus function and MSX arrow keys
The CPU is a Zilog Z80A running at 3.58 MHz
Video provided by Texas Instruments TMS 9918/A or TMS 9928/A
RAM 64 KB and VRAM 16 KB and 32 KB ROM BASIC/BIOS (MSX BASIC v1.0)
Text comes in Mode 0 - 40 x 24 and Mode 1 - 32 x 24
Colours 16 and sound from General Instruments AY-3-8910

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