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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 23rd December 2017: Post: 6

Atari Portfolio - Loadsa memory

Yet another follow up story this. ... You recall the Terminator
scene where John Connor raids the cash machine using a small handheld
to hack the thing. Well, evidently he used an Atari Portfolio like
this one. So bit of a star this little machine. The design is 
kinda cool I guess. Runs a form of DOS and is pretty easy to use.

The memory card has it's very own battery and that is what I have
been waiting for. Would help if I put the thing in the right way
round. Anyway after a false start I formatted the a drive and I
was off to the nearest cash machine... Like I would know what to do ?

Great little bit of kit and one I plan on keeping out.

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