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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 24th December 2017: Post: 1

Castle and Dungeon Master

Ever wanted to master your own dungeon. Well, this seems to have
been the ambition of many a gamer since the genre was invented.
I have no idea just how many walled vaults I have trodden to
uncover hidden passages on my way to face that ultimate boss. Never
gets old for me, but then dungeons and the old dragons is what I
seem to have been doing since my days of the Games Workshop up
until right now playing World of Warcraft.

And so to the games in hand. First up we have Castle Master which
was released in 1990. Technically Castle Master II cus it also has
featured The Crypt. The game was developed by Incentive Software
which is a subsidiary of New Dimension International. The concept
and design for the game is attributed to Ian Andrew with the grunt
programming by Chris Andrew , Paul Gregory and Sean Ellis.

The game runs from the one disk which could only happen on an Amiga

So to Castle Master by Mel Croucher

Draw closer friend and harken
Take hold my outstretched claw
Now anvil clouds do darken
Now bilious winds do roar

...... you get the idea. I also have the original in the Hit Squad box

Next to Dungeon Master which I have dated 1987 from Software Heaven

Program Design by Doug Bell, Mike Newton and Dennis Walker. Virtual
Design by Andy Jaros and Audio Wayne Holder.

Chaos Unleashed ... It was quiet in the dungeon of the Grey Lord...

Seriously all these games start the same.. so funny . There is a famous
gaming moment in Warcraft which earned a player the Leeeeeeeeeeroy  title
where this guy gets so pissed off with the team babbling on about tactics
that he just ran into the dungeon and took everything out on his own.
I really am like that with these games and just get going first and then
look at the book later. I've always been a pictures kinda guy and really
can't be doing the words.

I do have Dungeon Master II. Game runs from the one disk again and both
titles are a must for the dungeon aficionado.


Sorry.. forgot these yesterday

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