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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 24th December 2017: Post: 3

Journeys and levelling

I dread to think just how many pixel miles I have travelled in my
gaming time. When I reflect on my games character and the journeys
and quests I have made I guess its quite staggering as to the hours
I have endured plodding across the games screen.

From the early dungeon games like Eye of the Beholder and Blade of
Destiny to classics like Ishar I would set off each night with my
band of trusty adventurers in search of mysteries untold. I recall
playing Ishar through dark nights enlisting characters from inns
and checking out their skill levels against endless beasts, wizards
and dragons.

Even Tomb Raider [ all of them ] involved Lara trudging her way through
dungeon after dungeon, crypt after crypt and tomb after tomb uncovering
mysteries while avoiding the usual plethora of dungeon traps.

Final Fantasy was simply massive. I started playing with VII and worked
through all the games. I have all the books and was never happy until
I had uncovered every drop of content. The adventuring involved
masses of travelling to all four corners of what ever known map you
had uncovered. Part of the mystery was the exploring and you needed
a good memory or fast pen work to keep track of all the place names.

The journeys have never ended. With the MMO came Guildwars, Star Trek,
Rift, Archeage, Star Wars and my beloved Warcraft. In truth I have
never travelled further than I have in Warcraft. From Azeroth to
Outland to Northrend, Cata, Pandaria and then through WoD and Legion.
The world is ever growing and in need of serious exploration.

And so the journey continues as does the levelling. I kinda hope it
never ends. I mean who in their right mind wants to grow up.

Most MMOs now are on digital download sadly
and so you do not receive the box art anymore

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