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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 25th December 2017: Post: 4

Datel Electronics - Amiga Synchro Express II

I found this box in amongst the GEOS stuff and couldn't think why 
it was in there. I have so many of these types of units that have
found their way here. Mostly in with other stuff and collections
of whole systems. Seems that copying disks was quite popular in
its day. Never been a fan myself and wouldn't know how.....

Until today. Let's have a go.

The massive brown box that I lugged onto the desktop

The contents of the big box

I have these things all over the place here

Useful obviously having the disk
Guess I should make a copy

All seems pretty straightforward

Hmm left for normal.. Right for Syncro

I see !!

I guess you now know why I needed
the Amiga 500 and the monitor

Seems a suitable candidate

Software at the ready

That worked

Don't tell anyone I just did that

Nothing to do with me.. You ain't seen me .. Right !!

And it works

Show me that again

I set the unit to synchro and plug
into the disk drive and connect a
DF1 external disk drive to the A500

You boot the system using the DATEL disk

Then remove the DATEL disk and insert
the disk you want to copy in the main
DF0: drive on the Amiga, the one with
the button I fixed.

Don't forget to remove the DATEL disk
and replace with the disk to be copied
Once the software is loaded you can copy
as many disks as you want without having
to put the DATEL disk back in the drive

The disk you want to copy to is placed
in the external drive

Press GO and watch the little boxes
turn blue... up to box 81 generally
Takes around 50 seconds

Red is bad. Very bad

I assume computer games makers got wise
to this and set about introducing
preventative measures.

I couldn't copy Turrican II

Didn't stop me playing the original game though

Other games were easy to copy. But then
I think I could always copy this game

The interface causes the disk drive to
make a very strange noise as it kicks
into gear. I have to say I was always
very suspiscious of these units. Not a
supporter of piracy. The interface makes
a disk image of the disk and then replicates
on the other drive.

No copyrighted disks were harmed in the
making of this blog. All copied disks
were formatted after testing the interface

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