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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 26th December 2017: Post: 2

A5000 struck down in its prime

You will either believe this story or not. In 2016 I was struggling 
to get this acceleration card working on the A500+. The weather was
closing in and we had a dreadful thunderstorm. Suddenly there was
a flash of lightning and the power went off and came back up. We
do lose the electric frequently here in the forest. Anway on that
the A500+ powered up and worked wonderfully for a good while.

Sadly a year on and she was again dead in the water. I decided to
place the A5000 in store with my MegaMidget and Spirit for safe
keeping. before I did I thought I't take some pics.

Handwriting looks like I was still in shock

Evidence of a sidecar in a previous life

The motherboard is an A500+ in a 500
shell. The battery was removed very
early on as there is little residue

Emptied a box file for the board

Removing revealed the 3.1 ROM

This is a SPIRIT board for the 500

This is a Mega-Midget board for the 500

All three boards are now in store

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