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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 29th December 2017: Post: 2

Amiga 1200 - Not technically a 1500

This computer is not what it looks like. Intriguing little beast.
Was nicknamed by my Amiga group as Graham or the bogus 1400 for
want of a better title.

See if you can work this little box of bits out.

This bit of kit is so useful for swapping
out hard drives and checking their contents
Takes no time at all to plug in another

Having no brick on the floor is great
for switching on and off

Love having the keyboard which I have on
an extra long flex so I can move around
the workshop with it

Best of all I can sit a monitor on top
or my dinner or both

And I get the bonus of the double floppy drive

That was Graham.. Not a 1500

You never know what you are going to
find on someones old hard drive.

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