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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2017

Entry 30th December 2017: Post: 5

Held up on the M5

It's that time of the year when I need to place the kit in hibernation
and I need to crawl out of the rabbit hole for a while. There is so
much lying around after what has been quite a frantic year. And now
I need to put things away for a while. First though I need to get to
a few tubs and as ever this always uncovers hidden treasures. So for
the last of the years journeys down the rabbit hole.

Not very heavy this... just six blogs of pictures. To get at the tubs
I first need to move a few boxes.

Part V

Sord M5 by Sord Computer Corporation and released in 1982 The version here is the version CGL M5 by Computer Games Limited This computer had a relatively short life span sadly. The CPU is a Zilog Z80 running at 3.58 MHz Video uses the TMS9918 RAM at 20 KB and ROM at 8KB I have three cartridges which in truth is a lot for a machine that produced so few games. Appears to be working. Back in the box. Odd little computer. Inside the box was yet another box but compacted and kinda badly ripped in places. Why the two ? No idea.

Hit a bit of a road block there
Clear of it now ...

Interestingly I have two of these computers



Sord Sord

Second Sord CGL M5 in slightly better 'inner' box :-)

sord sord sord sord

sord sord sord sord

sord sord

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