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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 7th December 2018: Post 02: C64 Dragon Ninja

C64 - Dragon Ninja

Sifting through data recording cassette players I came across this
box with a datasette inside and it clearly has the Dragon emblem
on the side. I was ever so excited to find a Dragon cassette drive
and set it to one side.

So tonight I have a play and discover it to be for the C64.

Anyhoo, no great shakes... so I set too seeing if it works. I hooked
up a C64 and grabbed the first game that came to hand. Seriously
I had no idea it was Dragon Ninja till I brought it in here. Seems
so apt don't you think.

It worked no problem. Even played a bit of BMX from the unit.

Finally I wrote a very short few lines of BASIC to record and see
if the tape saves.... and it did. So the Dragon Ninja tape datasette
is a winner. Works very well actually. May just keep her out.

C64 Dragon Ninja

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