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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 9th December 2018: Post 03: C16-C64 - A case for tapes

C16-C64 - A case for tapes

So what better way to carry your favourite tape games about than
in a special case just for your cassettes. I keep the best of both
my C16/Plus4 and C64 in a few selected special cases so they are
very quickly on hand when I want to play. The VIC20 has a special
small plastic tub that sits below the table with my favourites.

It is just so easy to grab the game plus checking the contents I
can see if any are missing. Not such a problem with tapes but the
amount of times I leave disks in Amigas is a real pain.

So here is my collected favourites together with my top 18 C64 games
which I personally believe are the best of the best. Always a hoot
when I have the odd half day to load a game from a cassette.

C16-C64 - A case for tapes

Games for kids ... !!

My top 18 for the C64

I can only get 18 in the case

And the best .. Turrican

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