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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 10th December 2018: Post 01: Commodore C128 - Outboxed Once

Commodore C128 - Outboxed Once

Technically there shouldn't be a C in C128 when you put Commodore
before the name, however, the computer will always be the C128
to me. I love Commodore, I really do. I believe they were just
incredible at making quality computers. Interestingly I don't
have the same kinda admiration for the original Amiga team. I do
believe that the Amiga was born out of love, and is a truly magical
computer, but, the actual Amiga 1000 is a poor computer. It was not
designed well and sits very awkwardly in the bloodline of the Amiga.

It is debatable as to what was the true bloodline of the Amiga
but I am prepared to have ago at defining the most accurate path
to glory... and it goes something like this.

VIC20 [VC20] to C64 to C64C to C128 to Amiga 500* to Amiga 1200

*Amiga 600 could be included there after Amiga 500

And why ? The pure and simple integration of design and OS that
flows through every aspect of the machine. The design philosophy
is clear in all those models and shows a level of continuity rarely
seen in any product with the exception of say the Porsche.

I believe that the Amiga 500 was in truth the first real Amiga.
It basically took the concept of the Amiga and made it into a
working product.... of quality. It took the basic core development
of the Commodore 64/128 range of machines and fashioned a new
design from that. The 600 is a kinda later development, but the
1200 was the true bearer of the Commodore torch.

So what was next for the Amiga... an even better 1200 but with
the CD32 strapped into the side and a subfloor for better graphics
and accelerator. Eventually all would have been incorporated onto
even a sleeker 1200 design and today we would have the tablet Amiga.

It is a real shame that Commodore went pop, cus we will never know
what gift to mankind later breeds of Amiga could have given.

And so to the first of my boxed Commodore C128s. The last 8-bit
machine built by Commodore. A much expanded C64 using the Z80 Zilog
and so permitting the use of CP/M. The brain child of Bil Heard
and indisputably a Commodore thoroughbred. It earns its stripes
in the Commodore blood line and for me is one of the best looking
Commodore computers of all time. Second only to the Amiga 1200.

Commodore C128 - Outboxed

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