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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 10th December 2018: Post 02: Commodore C128 - Outboxed Twice

Commodore C128 - Outboxed Twice

This is the second of my boxed C128 computers and this time it is
from Germany, though originally West Germany. I guess it may work
if I changed the plug but for now we will never know.

And so to the second of my boxed Commodore C128s. The last 8-bit
machine built by Commodore. A much expanded C64 using the Z80 Zilog
and so permitting the use of CP/M. The brain child of Bil Heard
and indisputably a Commodore thoroughbred. It earns its stripes
in the Commodore blood line and for me is one of the best looking
Commodore computers of all time. Second only to the Amiga 1200.

Commodore C128 - Outboxed Twice

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