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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 11th December 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - It's a kinda magic

Amiga 1200 - It's a kinda magic

I only started seriously collecting computers cus I was worried
that my trusty Amiga would fall over. I had this A600 with a Philips
monitor and it went pop one night playing Sensi Soccer. I knew this
chap that worked from a workshop in his garden. Anyway, one day I
tripped over there and he'd packed up. Trouble was there was nobody
else in the area with the expertise to fix computer stuff.

So in an effort to future proof what I had I started getting kit
out of the local rag 'Diamond Free Adds'. I also watched various
sales on Amibench.

In 2002 I decided to buy a new A1200 as a backstop just in case my
beloved A1200 fell over. Cost me close on 500. Thing is my original
A1200 is still running without fault so the A1200 from Analogic has
sat unused in its box since it came here in April 2002. It even has
the Blizzard 1230 Turbo in the trap door.

I do take the computer out of the box now and then to check the
hard drive is still working, and so today I decided to take some
pics for the blog. Sadly I can only have one main Amiga running
Granted I have several other Amigas dotted around that I use. But
this computer is set up as my main and using it would just upset
the apple cart, and Chantel my beloved Amiga 1200. So for now
she goes back into the box.

And I know there are those reading this that say, such a waste.
Yes it is.... Whatever.

The computer is inferior anyway cus it has 3.9 and was probably
kitted out with less than tolerable capacitors from the Escom era.
Also the floppy drive is not an original and the box hasn't even
got any artwork on the base. Most definitely not Commodore. Saying
that, at a push she'd just about do... maybe.

And that is why  ... It's a kinda magic

Amiga 1200 - It's a 'kinda' magic



My treasured Chantel from 1993
Blizzard 1230IV Turbo with SCSIKIT.
Kickstart 39.106 and WB 39.29 original.
The Blizzard SCSI KIT off the 32MB
Turbo RAM card supports Power Computing
CD ROM, 2 x external SCSI drives, Iomega
ZIP drive. Ethernet PCMCIA networked.
Power Computing HD external floppy.
Vidi Amiga and TechnoSoundTurbo
all running off the Microvitec.

Trinkets are like lucky charms and
if work for me never leave my side.
Lisa Loeb has been there since I
successfully installed my first
accelerator. The wrestler has been
there since day 1... No idea. Don't
know where it came from and I certainly
don't like wrestling. He's my Mr T
and tells me to get it together when
I'm flustered.

The games in the disk box are the best
cover disk games ever released.
Lisa Doig was the first Andromeda set
that I burned and was able to use on
the Amiga. Karen Mulder is a my GHOST
animation set.. the first. PPaint is on
that very tiny CD which works on the ROM.
And Clara Veiga needs no introduction.

Its a feng shui thing with me. When
everything is working in harmony then
you'd be a fool to move it around.

When the computer is idle I have a
DPaint animation running in the background.
I have hundreds of them. The one shown
is Clara Veiga. I just grab off the DVD
using VidiAmiga and edit in DPaint and
run from DOpus. Much better than seeing
a Workbench screen.

Essential DPaint commands.

I tend to only use ZIP disks. Mostly
cus I have so many Amigas with SCSI
and also I have a number of PCs with
ZIP disks. With FAT and CrossDOS I can
read PC format disks and so move stuff
around so quickly. Also.. Amiga files
are so small. I can copy my whole WB
to one ZIP as a back up. So easy.

I have all my essential reading material
located behind this Amiga.

When switching on the last thing I power
up is the Amiga. I have the Canon Bubblejet
there but never use it. Have never used it.

Fast enough for me with oodles of RAM

Like I have enough VOLUMES... I have
to have a small book with all the names.

Pure Magic

Lisa Loeb on YouTube

Been sitting next to my Amiga 1200 since May 17, 1994.

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