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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 12th December 2018: Post 07: RF 542C - 5.25

RF 542C - 5.25

I really have no information about this drive other than what is
printed on the box. I know it's Amiga compatible cus I have tried
this unit connected to an Amiga 1200. All I know is that it's
40/80 track switchable.... and like I say it works. It also can
be daisy chained through a port to the rear.

RF 542C - 5.25

Previously on scuzzblog

Enter the Golem which I daisy chained to
the back of the 5.25" drive. Worked fine.

Copied from the Golem to the RF 542C

5.25" light active and Golem tracklights active

Both working without fault. So its time
to lock this down and put the kit away

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