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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 15th December 2018: Post 01: Sinclair ZX81 - When there was just the one

Sinclair ZX81 - When there was just the one

Going through the cupboard in the box room and out popped this
plastic bag with a relatively light weight box inside. I have
to say it was quite late in the evening and I was about to close
down for the evening. Always happens, just as I'm about to stop
for the day I come across a little gem. And this was just that gem.
For inside the box was my actual first ever computer. I had
thought I had discovered my first ZX81 previously, but now
holding this in my hands I know this to be the real thing. And
the reason... inside was my ZX81 book with writing of mine on
so many pages. This is the first computer I ever owned.

Suffice to say I dragged out the old black and white and I
celebrated with a late night session on the ZX81. I just had
to find out if she worked. I shouldn't have worried. Was like
the first day I ever used the little treasure. Nothing was to
ever be the same again. Such a momentous moment in my life.

I travelled to Scotland to buy the keyboard for her. Strange
that the computer I had thought was my first has a similar
keyboard though not the same. I thought the other keyboard
looked a little alien to me. This keyboard works like a charm.
The one thing that I didn't like about the ZX81 was the old
keyboard which was a pain to use at times.

I even connected the old cassette deck and played around saving
files and the like. All worked without fault. How amazing.

So here she is my very first ZX81. 

Sinclair ZX81 - Just the one

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