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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 17th December 2018: Post 03: SEGA Saturn - Rise of the Top Loader

SEGA Master Saturn - Rise of the Top Loader

Just a picture gallery tonight. I really have very little to add to
the conversation regarding these top loaders so I'll let the pictures
do my talking for me. Just one comment I guess and that is the
whole 'top loader' games console, with the exception of the PS1 just
passed me by. I had no interest like ever. I really was only ever
interested in the data manipulation of computers. Cartridge based
computers were just dumb computers with no heart. More importantly
I couldn't influence what was used and stored on the console. You
had to play with the console the way it had been designed.

Anyway... here are some 'top loaders'. As ever I'm caught in a cycle
at the moment of checking gear is functioning. It's what I do.

SEGA Saturn - Top Loader

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