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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 20th December 2018: Post 02: PC Card Fest - Crazy XP screen

PC Card Fest - Crazy XP screen

I have been having some issues with the IBM PS/1 these last few
weeks. The drive may be coming to the end of its life and takes
a while to boot up. It may be struggling with the cool down over
night as it sits quite close to a pair of fully glazed French
windows. Anyway, I decided to move her.

She now sits on the floor behind me and I check the computer
each day just to make sure she is still working. So today I took
a couple of pics feeling happy with myself and was planning on
moving a few hundred files onto my Amiga server which is an old
XP machine I have networked.

Sadly the XP machine was a little unhappy to say the least. The
screen words were all garbled and the display of the the very
wonderful Rina Nagasaki was the wrong size and not without some
very crazy hazing.

To the scuzz cave ... I sense a repair is needed.

PC Card Fest - Crazy XP screen

First the IBM PS/1

First up the success of booting the IBM PS/1.

And now to the XP machine

I'm sure the text isn't supposed to look Japanese.

And Windows looks like it's been partying.

No idea what that is supposed to be.

And Miss Rina Nagasaki is the wrong size
and has some crazy hazing going on there.

I should explain about the image of Rina
on the XP machine, but who would believe me.

So I shot the XP machine through the CPU
and that was that. Feel much better now.

OK to the inside. Note the scuzz handy-work.
I'll give you a clue it's the mess on the right.

I suspect its the GPU but could be a capacitor
on the card or maybe one of the other cards. I will
take them out one at a time and see if that helps.

Typical scuzz using the base of the computer
to store some old hard drives.

No sign of blown capacitors so I cleaned up
and used a soft rubber to clean the connector.

Not sure of the make. Guess I could check. Nah!!

So that's where that went. !!

I retrieved the card and covered the slot.

The classic Creative SoundBlaster Live
with the surround sound no less.

Handy little colour scheme. Use to be tiny little
symbols which were impossible to read.

And your typical network card.

Could be power though I suspect the card itself.

I did swap out the RAM but that made
no difference to the crazy hazing.

As can be seen from this picture.

So I can use a NVIDIA replacement.

But first let me try this RADEON. ATi.

The Radeon booted up with the same problems.

Even alerted to a 'serious error'. Scary stuff.

But Rina was still looking under the weather.

I tried the NVIDIA but couldn't get past
SAFE MODE. I installed the software but the
computer halted at the XP opening screen.

So both the NVIDIA and RADEON were toast.
I guess that's why they were in my junk box.

OK time to shine and enter option number three.
And this better work.. as I'm all out.

Booted OK and picked up the NVIDIA install.
Somewhat bleary and out of focus. But enough to
be getting on with. At least she is working.

I can update drivers and stuff later.

You little beauty.. Whatever you are.

Time to get busy with it.

First up I need to make a full back up
of the Amiga archive. That'll take all day.

And we are back and time to clean up the drivers.

Looking much much better.

And so Rina is back to her normal self. Cool.

A big thank you to Rina Nagasaki from Japan
who made this whole blog possible.

And so why Rina ? .. Shucks.. Why not ?

So how many Windows based PCs do I have ?

You will be sorry you asked !!!

Here is a simple list

No:	PC Name:	Make:		OS:	Status:		Networked:

01 Blond/Rina Evesham XP Working Networked
02 IBM PS/1 IBM 3.1 Working
03 Daniela RMWorkstation Win98 Working Networked
04 Demon Towers Evesham Black XP Working Networked
05 Toni Colossus Win95 Working Networked
06 Ashley Evesham Black XP Working Networked
07 Kasumi Right Click AMD Win98 Working Networked
08 Fern Right Click AMD Win98 Working Networked
09 BLACK 1 Evesham Black XP Scrapped
10 RM TOWER RM N/A Salvaged
11 St Helens Not Known 3.1 Faulty
12 Sayaka Right Click AMD XP Working Networked
13 Windsor Light Unknown XP Faulty
14 Mellennium Evesham ME Salvaged
15 Zenith 1 Zenith Data S 3.1 Working
16 Zenith 1 Zenith Data S 3.1 Working
17 Caprice Compaq Desktop Win98 Faulty-Needs Compaq Disc
18 BridgwaterKen RM Mini XP Faulty-TLC
19 RM WS 1 RM Workstation Win98 Unknown
20 RM WS 2 RM Workstation 2000 Unknown
21 Apricot Mitsubishi Win98 Needs Compaq Disc
22 RM MT 1 RM Mini XP Unknown
23 RM MT 2 RM Mini XP Unknown
24 Lara Colossus Win95 Working Networked
25 Regina Evesham Win98 Working Networked
26 RM WS 3 RM Workstation Win98 Unknown
27 Purple HP Workstation XP Working Networked
28 Candice Evesham XP Working Networked
29 Rosie RM Workstation Win98 Working Networked
30 Corral Clinton Comp Win98 Working Networked
31 Kasumi Evesham Mini XP Working Networked
32 Cintia HP Tower Win7 Working INTERNET
33 Shite DELL Win10 Working Internet
34 Studio HP Desktop XP Working Networked
35 FFantasy Evesham Laptop XP Working Networked
36 Table IBM Desktop Win98 Faulty
37 No name Laptop Win98 Working
38 Commodore Commodore LaptopWin98 Working
I make that 38. I don't switch them all on at the same time.

And what does using a Windows machine make you feel like?


I've become so numb, I can't feel you there Become so tired, so much more aware By becoming this all I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you Unlike The Amiga which has a Deeper Understanding

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